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Free one-way tickets to the dictatorship of your choice!

So many of us in America are yearning to live in a dictatorship, why wait? Head there now! With an AuthoritAir free one-way ticket, you will get an up-close firsthand experience of what life is like living under authoritarian rule. There will be very little for you to think about, very little to purchase, few travel options, books will be scarce, internet and news censored, and you will be surrounded by like-minded people. What’s not to love!

Choose from these great destinations

More coming soon! Iran, China, Libya, Texas, Florida…

Saudi Arabian woman followed by man

Explore human rights in SAUDI ARABIA

Life for women in Saudi Arabia is an absolute fairy tale! Th…

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Russian soldier

Learn to code in RUSSIA

Ah, Russia, the land of endless surprises and peculiarities!…

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Mother and child in poverty

Live simply in VENEZUELA

Life in Venezuela is a non-stop rollercoaster of excitement,…

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North Korea soldier saluting

NORTH KOREA loves rockets!

North Korea is a totalitarian utopia where the sun always sh…

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“I consider myself a survivalist so living in Venezuela has really challenged my skills. I feel like the constant daily search for the basics of food and water keeps me sharp. I can’t find my wife or kids, I think they may have left, but hey “Own the Libs” right!”
Hugh Jassole

“I am a big fan of rockets, and they have so many here in North Korea, and they’re not afraid to fly them around. And our supreme leader is always so jolly watching them! I too find myself falling in love with him. Thanks AuthoritAir!”
Dee Perdadi

“My wife and I came to Russia through AuthoritAir and they made us feel so confident that we were making the right choice. The cost of living, in terms of material goods, eating out, having a car, etc is incredibly high, so we’ve run out of most of our life savings, but we think it’s worth it. We get to live under a great dictator plus we get to watch America burn from afar. No more gays, no more abortion rights, no people of color.”
Mike Rodick

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