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Russian soldier

Learn to code in RUSSIA

Ah, Russia, the land of endless surprises and peculiarities! Imagine a country where the streets are lined with majestic gray buildings, and the weather is always delightfully chilly. St. Petersburg’s grand palaces practically scream opulence, while Moscow’s traffic jams provide a unique opportunity for meditation in the heart of chaos. Russian cuisine, with its love… Read More »Learn to code in RUSSIA

North Korea soldier saluting

NORTH KOREA loves rockets!

North Korea is a totalitarian utopia where the sun always shines, and the people live in perpetual happiness! With their glorious leader at the helm, every citizen enjoys unparalleled prosperity and unbridled joy. The country’s exquisite architecture is a testament to their artistic prowess, with gleaming skyscrapers that touch the heavens and intricately designed monuments… Read More »NORTH KOREA loves rockets!

Mother and child in poverty

Live simply in VENEZUELA

Life in Venezuela is a non-stop rollercoaster of excitement, where every day brings new surprises! The country’s thriving economy is a masterclass in unpredictability, providing citizens with a unique chance to test their resourcefulness. Thanks to hyperinflation, you can experience the thrill of watching your life savings turn into confetti before your very eyes. It’s… Read More »Live simply in VENEZUELA